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When I was a child I watched Tamers without knowing a shit about psychology, philosophy, or physics, I must admit that I thought digimon was quite similar to Pokemon, but man, is totally different, and 10,000 more complicated, dark and heartbreaking than Pokemon, is great for children, is special, but Tamers, Tamers is in another level. 

Is more than known that Tamers was pretty more complex than necessary, but that make It so special, some people hated It just for Takato, well if you did that I just can said, fuck you, really, fucking fuckity fuck you. Tamers is great, is pretty complicated, and manages more than good some physical psychological and philosophical issues, the story is dark, but goddammit is more than worth to be seen. 


I am a woman and I used to be a feminist until I found out feminist don’t actually give a damn about actual equality. But that isn’t what this is about.

Men, if a woman hits you first, feel free to hit her back. I see way too many women in public who think it’s okay to be violent against guys just becuase society says it’s okay and that they can’t hit you back. I consider violence to be wrong, but if a woman is okay with violence to hit you, kick you in the balls, or anything, then she needs to know that it should be okay to hit her back. 

If I hit a guy for no real reason and he hit me back, I would consider that action a better representation of equality and even feminism than him refusing to do it. Him hitting me back means that he accepts that I am just as capable as him. Him hitting me back means that he doesn’t see me as some weak woman, but as an asshole who hit him first. 

This is in unpopular opinions because for some stupid reason, it is completely acceptable for women to do stupid stuff like this with no consequences. It’s okay for women to comment on what men wear, on what they look like, tell them to “man up”, and even to assault them, but not okay to do the same. It’s okay for a woman to not want a baby when she feels she isn’t ready (after consensual intercourse), but not for a man. That isn’t equality. That way of thinking isn’t helping women, it’s hurting them. Treat us with the same consequences as men, the good and bad. 

I feel the same way. I think that if you, no matter your gender, strike another person violently, they have every right to strike you in return.

If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. 

I got a message….

And I have to say 5 positive things about myself. 

1. I am very patient.

2. I give good PowerPoint Presentations. 

3. I am loyal.

4. I think I have a good sense of humor. A weird, possibly demented humor with wickedness, but overall, I think it’s good.

5. I am strong. Because of some of my physical ailments preventing me from going all out and losing all kinds of crazy weight and gaining awesome muscle, I think I am weak. Because of the depression I sometimes cycle through, because I know my mind is sick, but I still fall for its shit, I think I am weak. However, on my good days, on the days like today where the weather was perfect and my dog was by my side and a book in my hands, I think about the things I’ve gone through and I realize a lot of people might have killed themselves or given into impulse and numbed their pain with drugs. I did not do that. I found my way into college and someday, I’ll be sitting on the rim of a volcano, fit as hell, looking down and knowing that I made the correct choice to move on, despite how hard it was to do so.





  • Character: Integra Hellsing
  • Fandom: Hellsing
  • Reason for Being Hated: Not as pretty as Seras, bossy, “bitch”, stands in the way of Alucard&Seras pairing, dresses like a guy, useless. (Note from submitter: I am submitting this because I really like her and it sucks to see so many people hate on her.)


…sorry but not really

Integra Hellsing is the most interesting woman in any anime Ive seen. She totally makes the Morally-Ambiguous-Goodside-Character charter too, like that time she ordered Alucard to kill all those innocent soldiers.

Integra is a BAMF. 

Integra is my spirit animal. 


"You need to get back to me about your schedule for our trip." 


"Why not?"

"Because we’ve planned for this trip three times now and every time we reach a few days the trip is supposed to happen, someone has to drop, or someone can’t go, someone has a boo-boo. So, no. Schedule a date and then whoever can go will go and whoever cannot will not."

"I wanted this to be a trip between friends, too, not just a working trip."

"I wanted to go on this trip during Spring Break so that when summer came along and I was working legitimate hours in the lab, I wouldn’t have to shift my work schedule around so we could go on a three-day trip, which is unnecessarily long. We don’t need three days to core a couple of lakes. We only need one."

"People want to have fun up there, too. Don’t you?" 

"Then they would not have let petty little things prevent them from going on the trip during Spring Break if they wanted to have fun so badly." 

"What if you can’t go? You’re my lab assistant. You kind of have to go."

"So, let me get this straight….everyone except you and me backed out of this trip, so you cancelled it. You and I could have gone there ourselves, cored the lakes for YOUR thesis, came back and had this finished. You’re so eager for a friend trip that you’re pushing back events that need to happen for your thesis. Why am I the deal-breaker? Just schedule the trip. If you cancel it again, count me out on the next scheduling." 

"When is good for you?" 

"It doesn’t matter. I have to go. I am your lab assistant." 

"You’re being incredibly difficult." 

"I am incredibly flexible and patient. You’re the difficult one. You can’t pull one little trip together. That isn’t my fault." 

"Are you going to act like this the entire trip?"

"If I say yes, does that mean I don’t have to go?"

"You’re killing me." 


"Are you gay?"

Ever since 6th grade, I’ve been asked this question. Unlike my fellow classmates, I did not engage in the dating scene. I was too busy keeping up with my education and playing video games. I even joined my school’s science academic team. 

"Don’t you think he’s cute? You should talk to him?" 

Whenever I would answer, “No,” the next question was usually, “Are you gay?” 

No. I’m not gay. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but I am not gay. 

"What are you? You’re not straight or gay. Are you bi?" 

No! I’m not anything! 

So, for most of my schooling career, I was not anything. Whenever someone asked me what my orientation was, I would tell them I was nothing. 

I finally settled on the term, “asexual.” By this time I was 16 and all of my friends were in relationships and had been in multiple ones by that time. Most of them accepted me and would occasionally tease me, asking me when I planned on budding a clone, but nothing serious. My friends, for the most part, were fine with me. 

My relatives, however, were not that easy. Luckily, my parents didn’t care. If anything, they were happy that I was single, seeing as teen pregnancy rates in my area were rising. My mom did sit me down and tell me that she loved me no matter who I loved. My question to her was, “What if I don’t love anyone in that way? Is that okay?” She said that was fine.

My cousins, aunts, uncles, especially the religious ones, were 100% sure (and still are) that I just hadn’t found the right man. I even had a few of them tell me that I’ll never find a good man if I continue to “act like one.” I don’t think I act like a man nor do I think I act like a woman. I act like me. Am I a bit more rugged and less sophisticated than most women? No, I don’t think so. But they did. They wanted me to wear dresses and make up and talk about cooking. I wanted to wear jeans, keep my hair shorter (not very short) so it was out of my way.

So, tonight, my older sister texted me and wanted to ask me a personal question. I told her to fire away.

"Are you gay? Don’t laugh at me. I’m just curious."

I explained to her that I still don’t have an attraction to people in a sexual sense. I only want friends. Nothing more. Her reply? “Okay. I wouldn’t care regardless. I was just curious.”

Acceptance. That’s really all anyone wants. I don’t want to be told I just haven’t found the right person or sex is great when done correctly. I want you and anyone else to know that my main concern with other people is to be friends. Will I become friends with someone so strongly that it develops into something more? I don’t know. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities, but it isn’t my intended goal nor do I need to be in a relationship to feel whole or to feel accomplished. 

It’s amazing…

There are so many stories in A Song of Ice and Fire and a good number of them have not been told entirely or have details that are unclear. 

I know many of them will remain unclear, but damn it, there is so much potential for like…a spin-off series from Game of Thrones (Robert’s Rebellion and the events leading to that particular war would be a great series). 

It makes me happy to see of these different legends and what not. 

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